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Friday, August 29th, 2008

seattle creative meet up: the lab 

Last week I participated in The Lab, a monthly gathering of Seattle’s creative community hosted by Velocity Art and Design.

Each month The Lab hosts a speaker discussing a theme. In this month’s case, there were a few of us speakers with a very simple theme – Bring & Brag! You can see the list of speakers who brought their creative work and bragged – it was quite the eclectic bunch and very fun.

Even better, you can download and listen to the podcast. There were some very entertaining presenters, especially right at the beginning. You’ll find me at the very end – time stamp 1:02 or so. I talk about how I started my business, the moment I became a designer, my first big custom project (complete with a tear-filled night in my workshop!), and a few of the books I’ve done.

Thank you to John and the Velocity team for a very fun night! I had a blast!

(Oh, and thank you to Megan from Not Martha, for your kind words about my brag session! Martha Stewart Weddings? Sign me up!)

. . . . .

genealogy + ikea + fun liz + philly = my first conference

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Next week I am going to Philadelphia for my first genealogy conference! Excited, nervous, thrilled…am all of the above.

Fun Liz will be driving over from Annapolis to help me, and we are immediately heading to IKEA to get booth furniture which I will then sell on Craigslist after the show. (to save on shipping, you see) So, if you know anyone in Philly please tell them I’ll have cool IKEA white + chrome furniture for sale cheap-ola on Saturday 9/6. Here’s my Craigslist ad. Everything must go.

genealogy After my original post about the conference, a reader named Megan emailed me and said she and her mom recently went to a genealogy show. Her advice? Bring your patience and your large type books. Comedy!

It will be very interesting to see whether my work is a fit for this audience. I keep being told genealogy is becoming way more popular, so maybe we’ll be the new young hip kids or something.

Either way, I am looking forward to the adventure and do promise to report back here.

. . . . .

nyc visit

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

I’ll be in NYC next week for a trunk show a friend is hosting. So… a) Let me know if you have interest in coming to the show and I’ll provide you details, and b) I’ll have my sample books and some time Wednesday if anyone would like to meet up to talk about a book idea for your family! It may seem early, but this is actually a perfect time to be thinking about a book for Christmas gifts!

Let me know!

. . . . .

my guest interview at coveiter

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008


Julie and Lindsey over at Coveiter invited me to participate in their ‘Inspiring Interview’ series … and of course I said yes!

You can read my (sometimes rambling, I’ll warn you) interview here and their full interview series with other designers and bloggers here.

Thank you for including me, Julie and Lindsey – I feel honored!

. . . . .

my guest blog debut!

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

blackeiffel Rachel at Black Eiffel graciously invited me to be a guest this week on her lovely design blog.

It’s been so much fun, and she’s patiently let me ramble on about everything from party themes to wedding planning to why I love the post office. What a gal! You can read all my ramblings here. Be sure to browse through her other posts too, she’s got a great eye.

Thanks, Rachel!

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