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me, podcast from the lab

Friday, August 29th, 2008

seattle creative meet up: the lab 

Last week I participated in The Lab, a monthly gathering of Seattle’s creative community hosted by Velocity Art and Design.

Each month The Lab hosts a speaker discussing a theme. In this month’s case, there were a few of us speakers with a very simple theme – Bring & Brag! You can see the list of speakers who brought their creative work and bragged – it was quite the eclectic bunch and very fun.

Even better, you can download and listen to the podcast. There were some very entertaining presenters, especially right at the beginning. You’ll find me at the very end – time stamp 1:02 or so. I talk about how I started my business, the moment I became a designer, my first big custom project (complete with a tear-filled night in my workshop!), and a few of the books I’ve done.

Thank you to John and the Velocity team for a very fun night! I had a blast!

(Oh, and thank you to Megan from Not Martha, for your kind words about my brag session! Martha Stewart Weddings? Sign me up!)

. . . . .

genealogy + ikea + fun liz + philly = my first conference

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Next week I am going to Philadelphia for my first genealogy conference! Excited, nervous, thrilled…am all of the above.

Fun Liz will be driving over from Annapolis to help me, and we are immediately heading to IKEA to get booth furniture which I will then sell on Craigslist after the show. (to save on shipping, you see) So, if you know anyone in Philly please tell them I’ll have cool IKEA white + chrome furniture for sale cheap-ola on Saturday 9/6. Here’s my Craigslist ad. Everything must go.

genealogy After my original post about the conference, a reader named Megan emailed me and said she and her mom recently went to a genealogy show. Her advice? Bring your patience and your large type books. Comedy!

It will be very interesting to see whether my work is a fit for this audience. I keep being told genealogy is becoming way more popular, so maybe we’ll be the new young hip kids or something.

Either way, I am looking forward to the adventure and do promise to report back here.

. . . . .

some long overdue thank you’s

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

daily candy seattle 

This is a sign that my summer has been wonderfully busy. I’ve been fortunate enough to receive some very nice press + mentions recently, and am long overdue in saying my proper thank you’s.

So, first to Daily Candy Seattle for their great writeup.

And also to Seattle Picks for their much appreciated newsletter mention.

And last but certainly not least to Summer at Fawn & Forest. If you do not know Fawn & Forest, go thee now, and witness impeccable style for kids. You’ll find my fill-in family trees available for sale and a Q+A session with Summer on her blog.

Thank you, all!

. . . . .

70 years ago today my grandparents got married

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

wedding daze 

My Papa is no longer alive, but my Grama celebrated today in the perfect way. By remembering.

She got out the old wedding scrapbook she made (adorably titled wedding daze) with all the cards, photos, and news clippings from their engagement and wedding. And she read through them all, sharing them with us family as we stopped in to say hello and happy anniversary.

Here’s a little peak.

bride and groom 

page of photos in wedding scrapbook 

suspension bridge 

deception pass 

Isn’t that a great photo of my Grama by the bridge? I especially love the look of the black paper and photo corners with white handwriting. Vintage and simple.

. . . . .

this dairy crate will become a book

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

dairy crate of family history 

Yesterday I met with Bob, the owner of this dairy crate filled with family history.

For his 80th birthday, Bob’s children gave him the gift of working with me to make a book. Now, I have made gifts before, but never before have I been the gift. It is a total honor. Besides which, I can already tell I’m going to like working with Bob.

We will take our time with this project. For health reasons, Bob cannot devote as much time as he might otherwise to gathering his resources. But we came up with an outline for his book and a production schedule for him to organize photos for one family member per week. A very doable task.

His book will be a scrapbook-type format telling his family history. Meaning, it will be a collection of photos with stories/captions/descriptions along the way when a particular photograph triggers a memory or story. Not necessarily a thoroughly written family history, just whatever he’s got stored in his memory bank and dairy crate.

Here are more shots of said crate and its contents.

dairy crate of family history 

old letters 

I’ll keep you posted on our progress!

. . . . .

books in progress

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

I’ve been a bit quiet on the posts this week but it has been anything but quiet around here. So here’s a bit of an update.

I met with a lovely local photographer yesterday about working on wedding books together. I feel like weddings are all around me these days! I handed off my first wedding book Tuesday (to a local client so I got to hand off in person…a rare treat!) and am itching to share photos of the book here. But I’m refraining. For now.

Instead (drumroll please) you can see it here during Wedding Book Week this September/ October! (exact date tbd) I’ll feature a wedding book a day – all very different styles – to get the creative juices flowing for brides past and present. I’ll even have my own wedding book done by then! (My husband says he’ll believe it when he sees it….) But really, I will.

Oh, and another fun book in the works…a 50th anniversary book. The family is making it for their parents, and we’re keeping it simple. The concept is 50 favorite memories + 50 photos. Simple and sweet. Very doable, even for a busy family.

. . . . .

i heart watermelon

Monday, August 4th, 2008

i heart watermelon 

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