gary’s 60th book

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Here was a very fun book to work on. Gary’s wife and sons put together this surprise book for his 60th birthday. They also threw a very fun party…and invited me to attend! I was touched, and so happy to meet Gary in person after learning so much about him from his family.

About the book. For the cover we used a brown leather with bronze stamping, and for the endsheet I designed a pattern we incorporated into the book pages too.

We used what I call the “chapters of your life” approach to this book. Here is the table of contents page with the different life chapters we used.

And then we started with the photos. For the first chapter – KID – we included a family tree and some old family photos. We also included quotes from the family throughout the book, which I think makes it really special.

(even more pictures

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  1. Andrew Lin says:

    wow love the design and typography here. you do great work!

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